Seven Years of Plenty Cookbook

Inspired by the limitless variety found in international cooking, Seven Years of Plenty brings together some of the best recipes made with commonly stored ingredients.

In a Pinch

At the end of each chapter is an "In a Pinch" section, containing recipes that can be cooked even when we lose some of the fresh foods we normally use, like eggs or milk. Even when our ingredients are limited, we can take care of our families the way our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers did.

Planning for the Unexpected

Food security is more than just having food on hand. Familiarity with both preparing and consuming the food you have stored allows your family to feel a sense of stability, even in times of disruption. The planning section of the book includes simple guides for making your own three month plan of meals and translating that plan into the lists of storable ingredients. Having a meal plan tied to your food storage strategy makes being prepared a simple task. Doing so helps you integrate your favorite meals into your plan, as well as your planned meals into your normal lifestyle.

Tried and True

While many of these foods originate in other countries, each has been carefully crafted for preparation in the United States. Whether for ingredient availability, measurement standardization, time economy, or technique simplicity, each recipe has been carefully developed to deliver exotic outcomes from every-day kitchens.

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