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Book Reviews for Seven Years of Plenty
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Food Storage and Survival
"I’ve really enjoyed this book. It has given me some new ideas for meals without having to introduce ingredients I’d have to special order from some ethnic food mart."

Craftaholics Anonymous
"I love how Linda breaks it down and makes food storage do-able and tasty! i’ve tasted a couple of her recipes and i would never have guessed you could make such delectable foods using your food storage!"

Chemistry of Cooking
"Linda wrote this super-ninja- cool Food Storage Cook Book... called Seven Years of Plenty, (The Best of the World's Basics.) Inspired by the limitless variety found in international cooking. Seven Years of Plenty brings together some of the best recipes made with commonly stored ingredients!! This is such a great book!

Prepared LDS Family
"I've enjoyed reviewing "Seven Years of Plenty," a cookbook by Linda Olsson...A well, researched recipe book which will help you see that you can use food storage everyday."

Life From Every Angle
"I was so impressed and excited by all the different things I could try with just basic ingredients...I have 16 pages marked with recipes I want to try next!"

Ohio Home Food Storage
"The cookbook is, in our opinion one of the best on the market...The recipes utilize these staple foods and other fresh foods and spices, as well as plenty of "in a pinch" recipes that use only the basics."


Darla said...

Who doesn't want recipes that are easy and you already HAVE the ingredients for? Nice! I have really enjoyed this book and its yummy recipes. And the fact that they're from all over the world? It honestly doesn't get better than that. Thank you, thank you Linda! Now when does the 2nd edition come out? (;

Diana said...

I love this book and keep telling all my friends about it...yummy recipes, family stories. And to top it off food storage tips! Good job little sister, I'm so proud of you!

Folsom, CA

Angie said...

This is a great cookbook. As other reviews have said, most of the recipies use ingredients I already have. We have enjoyed several of the recipes already. I especially appriciate the recipes that are Gluten Free---since creating a wheat/gluten free food storage plan can be challenging. It is great to have some easy and yummy ways to use gluten free ingredients. Thanks Linda!

Anonymous said...

This cookbook has a lot of interesting recipes that I haven't seen anywhere else. There are a lot of useful ways to use the dry ingredients that you have around, like wheat, beans, lentils, oats, etc.

Amanda said...

Seven Years of Plenty is self-reliance revelation!! This book is a must have in your food storage right next to your wheat and water. I love how it offers a fun new twist to food storage, bringing new and simple recipes from far off countries right into my own kitchen... and most recipes call for very few ingredients! With this book, you'll be introduced to a variety of options you never thought possible with food storage.

David said...

On a recent trip to Montana we talked to Lori, a clerk at Hampton Inn in Bozemen. She listened to Glen Beck and had started a food storage program, but had no idea how to prepare quality meals. We set her a copy of Linda's book. After a couple of weeks she sent s a thank you note for our kindness. She loved the book.