Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jonas Snow

Our first measurement of snow above and our second measurement below. 

We are digging ourselves out of the snow. We did not have any loss of electricity or trees down. Thankfully, it was peaceful being snowed in. My preparedness moment came when I was driving home from the YMCA. The storm had already started and I was using my Utah driving skills, not driving too fast, watching out for others....and a car slid through a stop sign, right in front of me. 

I could hear all the advice my Dad had given me when teaching me to drive in the snow, don't touch your breaks, don't panic...and I gently drove around the out of control car. I would have thought that he would have learned a lesson from sliding, but he drove bumper to bumper with me most of my ride home. I was grateful anyway, that I had learned to drive in the snow and did not get in an accident. I hope everyone else is safe! 

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