Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fire Starters

We have had a lot of snow days this winter. Three weeks went by where our kids did not have a full week of school! That is a lot of in the house time. We did go sledding and played in the snow, but after awhile, the cabin fever was setting in. So, one of our projects was making fire starters. 

I had been saving lint, toilet paper rolls and newspaper for quite awhile. My boys scouts had been talking about the different kinds of fire starters you can make. We decided on this kind because we could save up all of the materials from things we were using already. 

We stuffed the lint in the toilet paper roll, then rolled the newspaper around the toilet paper roll, and tucked in the sides. We also saved a plastic ice cream container (with a good lid) to keep them in until needed. My boys enjoyed doing this with me and it is great to have around if the lights go out.


denise said...

I di the same thing, except rolling the rolls in old newspaper.

Linda said...

That is so great! My boys really had fun making these.