Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cardboard Couch, Year 7

{1 year}

{3 year}

{4 year}

We are about to celebrate 7 years in Virginia. That means my cardboard couch is about to turn 7! This is definitely a topic of conversation when we have guests. No one can believe I made this couch out of our moving boxes. They also can't imagine that our whole family can sit on it and it holds! 

That is, not until they sit on it and see that it is sturdy. I didn't bother taking a picture of it this year. I have not recovered it since year 4. It looks the same, but much more worn. 

We also like to reflect at this time of year all the reasons we are grateful to live in Virginia. Here is this years top 5:

1. We have gotten to meet so many different people and get to learn from the different talents and spiritual gifts that they have. 

2. We are so grateful for the Upward Basketball program! We have had the best experiences out at Parkway Baptist Church and they are so kind even though we are Mormons :).

3. We are loving the history here, including that of our own family. My ancestors lived in Virginia in the 1700's and we are having so much fun recreating their stories.

4. We finally made it to the Outer Banks and we are in love! When we first moved here, we saw all the OBX bumper stickers, and I had no idea what that meant. We finally got to experience it in all its wonder! They had room to run and play.

5. We are amazed (and so grateful) at the quality of education that our children are getting here. Thank you to all of our teacher! They have been amazing! We are so grateful to live in Virginia.


AngieNE said...

This post makes me so "home"sick for you and your family and for amazing VA!

Linda said...

We miss you guys so much too! I remember that night we looked at OBX houses to rent together. Maybe we can still do that sometime!