Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tea Candles and Hand Warmers

Tip #2 Keeping Warm

If we find ourselves without power when it is cold outside, than keeping warm becomes a top priority. Along with knowing the principles of staying warm, such as storing blankets, hats and gloves, there are a couple of simple tools that will help keep your family warm.

I learned these "keeping warm" techniques as a missionary in England. First, as so many people do in England, try keeping only one room in your house warm. Most homes we would visit had one room in the house that is cozy, and the rest of the house is ice cold. 

Trying to keep one room warm means keeping the heat in the room. Keeping the doors and having some source of heat. Tea candles have been shown to be very effective in keeping people warm in cars for hours. One tea candle can keep a car warm for 12 hours.

This principle can be applied to our homes. If we are all in the same room, use tea candles can be an effective way to generate heat. Having tea candle holders can help keep the flames safe.

Hand warmers can also be very effective ways of keeping warm. When serving as a missionary, the winters in England were long and dark. It would get dark around 4:00 which potentially would mean 5 hours of cold, dark weather.

After being outside for awhile, I would stop feeling my toes. It was painful and disturbing because even if we did get into that one cozy room in someones house, my toes would remain frozen still to the point I could not feel them. It was a real concern for me. I wondered if my toes were going to survive my mission with me or if I was going to lose them.

There were two things that helped.  First, I prayed. Second, my family sent me a pack of hand warmers I would put in my coat pocket to help have a little warm on me. They work best in a pocket or a glove, where oxygen is restricted. These were so amazing. I still have such great feelings towards these little things. They can warm you for up to seven hours. Such a wonderful invention!

Keeping tea candles and hand warmers as a part of your emergency plan will help if you loss power due to a super solar storm {or any other reason}.


Kandy said...

Is a tea candle the same as a tea-light? They are so small, it's hard to imagine very much heat being generated. Good info though. Thanks!

Linda said...

Yes they are the same! It is true that they are small, but because the car is a small space, it can warm things up pretty well. I learned this in Colorado from an expert, where there it is more likely that you could find yourself stranded in your car during a terrible storm.