Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Salsa Station and Savings

 It is that time of year when all the wonderful things that salsa is made from go on sale. Tomatoes, peppers, and onions. We set up our salsa making station. I get some complaining from my boys, like the onions make their eyes hurt and the tomatoes are to smushy, but I think the time together is fun. We successfully canned 12 jars, 32 oz. each of salsa. The recipe is here. It really is so easy to make.

At the store, if I were to go buy 12 jars of 32 oz. salsa, it would cost about $46.00 {according to my estimates}. My homemade salsa cost about $22.00 to make. That is the savings of $24.00. Not to bad...

I like having more impressive numbers, when comes to the amount I am saving. Feeling a little tired from the efforts I have been making to save money, I thought I would do some math. A reminder that sometimes saving money with the little things does add up to the big things. This month I have....

Made my own salsa....savings $24.00

Made my own refried beans....savings $7.45

Haircuts at Home...savings $65.00

Total Savings...$96.45

So if I kept up these few efforts to save money for a year, my estimates show...

Total savings..$771.60

This is a really easy way to save almost $800.00 dollars a year. Add some other small efforts made to save, and the number will keep growing.

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Linda said...

I fixed the link to the salsa. Not sure why it wasn't working before.