Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Air Freshener and Fans

Tip #1 Keeping the Air Fresh

If solar storms leave us, "without light, potable water, sewage treatment, heating, air-conditioning, fuel, telephone service, or perishable food and medications during the months it would take to manufacture and install new transformers..." The first tip for preparation for such an event would be to keep the air fresh.

We are used to our controlled environments, so what really happens with the lights go out? We lose our cool air. We lose air circulation in our house. The result...hot and stinky people. Which will usually lead to grumpy people.

Someone left a comment a while ago on my blog about their experience during a hurricane when they lost power. They said,

"One thing I remember we could not get (and really wanted) during the hurricane a few years back when everyone lost power)- was air freshener! With the air off (due to power loss) and lots of sweaty, hot children running through the house -unable to take anything but cool baths - febreze would have been appreciated! It's sure included in my food storage now!"

So, air freshener is a great idea for keeping
the air clean and the people happy!

Fans can also help circulate the air. We have a great camping fan {that also has a light} and it runs on batteries. We have this with our emergency preparedness/camping stuff. There are also a lot of spraying or misting fans that can be hand operated or battery operated. These are great for when the power goes out and the air goes stale.

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