Monday, April 23, 2012

Cardboard Couch

{1 year}

{3 year}
{4 year}
My cardboard couch has been "recovered" every year that we have lived in our house. The only year I don't have documented is the second year. I had tried to cover the couch in wrapping paper. That year the couch got nicknamed "the golden plates." Let's just say that year didn't turn out so well. I didn't even bother taking a picture. This year I cut a blanket into pieces and sewed it onto the couch. It is cozy and as I said before, I know it doesn't look like a Ethan Allen couch, but it provides a cozy place to rest and some extra sitting room for our family.

I seem to always recover the couch in the spring, when our anniversary for living in Virginia comes around again. Working on the couch gives me time to reflect on the time we have lived here. You can't really move across the country and not have any repercussions. Here is what I have learned:

1. I love that my boys have picked up on the, "Yes, Ma'am" southern manners {although they don't always use it :) }.

2. We all now pronounce "Aunt" the southern way, instead of saying "Ant" like we do in the west.

3. I'm pretty sure when I cross a squirrels path that it isn't going to attack me.

4. Along those lines, I am also used to going for a run through the "woods" {which are everywhere} and hearing all the leaves crackling around me without thinking I am in a scary movie and something is going to jump out at me.

5. We have learned to fall in love with every place we live. We are so grateful that we have been blessed with living in such a beautiful place.


Anonymous said...

That couch looks so cool - By the way - I tried your cherry breakfast cake and my family (all 5 kids) LOVED it!!! It was delicious! Thanks for sharing! -MLL

Linda said...

Thanks :) I am glad they liked it!

Sharon McKee said...

That couch is Oh. So. Cool. And I want to make one. Also, I look forward to the Yes, Ma'am and my kids are already starting to say Aunt instead of Ant. Love it. This is a great place. (except for the ticks. Just found one on me, eww)

Linda said...

Thanks Sharon :)...and yes we have definately had our share of ticks.

Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

LOVE LOVE THE COUCH!!! That is so awesome!! Also totally trying the pancakes instead of ceral this upcoming month! You rock lady!!

Jemm Mabie

Linda said...

Thanks Jenn :), I will have you come sit on it next time you come over for visiting teaching.