Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had a friend in Colorado that was so organized in her food storage. She had buckets in her basement that she would get her basic foods from. She had smaller containers in her kitchen that she would use to store these basic foods in her kitchen.

On each container she listed a recipe
{or several recipes} that she used that item for.
It helped keep things simple and organized because she pulled out the container, had the recipe right there, and it made quick work getting everything together to make her meal. So, I have started this process in my kitchen.
First, I am doing my mixes that I make myself.
I used a basic label, but if you want to do something cute,
there are some fun ways of labeling.
You can download very cute labels at
shown in the picture below.

Or for you especially crafty friends, you can make
your own cute labels with chalkboard vinyl.
{Thanks iheartorgainizing}

Effective organizing can
save time, money, and effort.


Anonymous said...

Love the labelling idea - and where did you get those cute white containers??? Love those! ML

Linda said...

Those white containers are from iheartorgainizing. She has a great site with lots of orgainizing ideas.