Monday, March 12, 2012

Keeping Bugs at Bay

This has been an amazing winter! The NOAA has reported it is the fourth warmest winter on record for the U.S. We have loved it! We have saved so much on heating bills.

Now it is March and there is a different headline, "Warm Winter Brings out the Bugs!" There are going to be more bugs this year and they will be showing up sooner. So what do we do? We can spray, of course. But we can also plant to keep the bugs away.

Some plants have a smell that bugs just don't like. So, when planning your garden, stick a few of these plants in between your other plants to help keep the bugs at bay!

Plants That Naturally Repel Insects

Peppermint - 
repels many insects including ants, some moths, aphids, and fleas.

discourages ticks, fleas, Japanese beetles.

repels flies and mosquitoes.

discourages cucumber beetles, and stink bugs.

repel Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, and white flies. 

Essential oils are a quick way to get the same results. Use eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and lavender. These are all powerful insect repellents and cleaners. Mix a few drops of oil with water to spray around entrances or use to clean everything from countertops to floorboards.  

Protect your home also by sealing up cracks and holes in the foundation, floors, walls and areas around pipes. Trim trees and bushes back from the outside of your house.

When you go thrift shopping, inspect what you have bought for bugs. You could unintentionally bring new bugs into your home! Bugs love upholstery and wood. When you visit a hotel, look around for bugs and store your luggage off the floor. Keep things clean, and hopefully we can keep those little critters away!


Build It,Sew It,Love It said...

The boys are going camping this weekend, I wonder if I could sneak some garlic with them to help with the ticks!! Love your blog!! Such great tips!!

Jenn Mabie

Linda said...

Hey Jenn, good idea. I've heard ticks are a really big problem this year! They are such creapy little things!