Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Doomsday Preppers and Beyond!

I spent last night watching National Geographic new "Doomsday Preppers" show. For a "prepper enthusiast," I watched in hope to learn something. I did learn a few things....

1. People have extremely different reasons and approaches of preparing. What is your style?

2.Dipping cheese in hot wax will preserve it for years without the need of refrigeration. I have never tried that, pretty interesting idea. I'll have to do my research on that and try it.

3. If the National Geographic Doomsday Prepper show came to my house, there would not be much evidence of extreme preparation, except for a few extra cans of #10 cans with freeze dried food and my ability to make something fabulous out of flour, salt, and oil. Stand back.

4. I can't believe people are so armed with weapons in their efforts to "prepare." I guess I figure I am the cook, no one else is going to know what to do with my wheat and either play nice and I will feed you or leave.

5. Why are you encouraging these people and telling them where the holes are in their emergency prepping programs and then followed by the show pointed out most of the events people are preparing for have a very little percentage of actually happening.

6. I started wondering the purposes of this show. Is it to make people who prepare look crazy or at least really extreme?

7. I do not define myself as a dooms day prepper, but more as a self-sustaining person. I wonder if other people think these efforts are strange. I know my friends families laughs at the idea of someone grinding their own wheat. That just does not seem that strange to me.

8. Covering eggs in mineral oil will keep them preserved for about 9 months without the need of refrigeration. I've got to try that to {and tell my friend who has chickens}.

9. My family does not have a bug out location.

10. My number one reason for preparing is just to ride through the storms of life, whether it be financial or illness, etc. without  having to get to much help from other people.

I wonder what other people thought of the show. My food storage friend over at Food Storage and Survival got to review the show even before it was aired {she was nice enough to review my book awhile ago too}.

Whatever reason you prepare, I hope you enjoy your efforts by having a life that can ride out the storms. That's what it is all about. 


Vicki in UT said...

These people do look extreme to me. I am more like you, just wanting to be ready for whatever life throws at me. Why are all these people prepping for just one specific possibility? Is that the producers' idea?

The extension office says it is not safe to wax your own cheese, it creates a botulism risk. Evidently our Grandmother's cheese was more acid and less moist. I suspect if you made your own cheese, that would be different and you could was it. Which is too bad, waxing cheese really appeals to me, so simple.

Linda said...

It is probably the producers idea. Shocking things probably mean good ratings.

That is really good to know about the cheese! I will not attempt that:).

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it on #10..... isn't it all about just being prepared to weather anything for your family? I know just having food storage (not weapons or waxed cheese) :) has gotten my family through some rough times. Even just having a years supply of shampoo or soap so if your family gets sick, you can spend the money on medicines or other things instead helps.... it's the small things that seem to make the biggest difference. YOU definately are on the right track. Doubt those shows are.... ML

Marian Bonney said...

I will try a few of the ideas you mentioned -- the eggs and the cheese. Sounds interesting. I think that the show projected many of those people as crazies and I am sorry that they do that. I know there are crazies out there, but most of us are just doing what you are doing. I loved your comment about being the cook and having people play nice.

Linda said...

Michelle, Yes! Just managing the resources wisely!

Linda said...

Marian, well I just learned the cheese does not work. It is at to much of a risk of botulism (see first comment above for more details). I would like to try the eggs too!