Friday, January 6, 2012

Life in 1911

My favorite Christmas letter to get every year is my Grandma, who has now reached 101 years old! 1911 was a really long time ago! She shared what life was like for her family in her letter,

"We had no indoor plumbing, we used outhouses. We had no toilet paper, we used the paper from catalogs (Sears, etc.). It was to our disadvantage when more colored and slippery pages were added to the catalogs."

"As our family increased, Dad put up a large tent in the back yard to use as an extra bedroom for the boys and it was used by them all the years we lived there. Our singer sewing machine was a treadle model operated by the foot. The machine was used to make most of our clothing. Some of our clothing was made from flour sacks and chicken feed sacks."

"Mother made the soap. Although we had a washing machine which was operated by turning a crank, much of the washing was done on a washboard...We had no refrigerator. An ice box helped keep food cold. We baked all our bread.

We had a garden and raised our own vegetables. Our cow provided us with fresh milk and we made butter and cottage cheese. We enjoyed plenty of fresh fruit from our orchard. For supper every night we had the same menu, bread and milk and fruit for desert."

My Grandma has seen so many things change in her lifetime. I love to reflect on how things were to learn from how things were and also appreciate what we have now.

Happy Birthday Grandma! 101 is impressive!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! My grandma is 93 and I love talking to her about the old days. So much to learn from them. I was over one day talking about canning and she said, I have tons of jars, do you want them. I gleaned about 10 dozen jars, a victorian strainer and a few other canning things!

Linda said...

That is so great! Did she give you some good canning recipes to go along with it? I am trying to learn more about canning.

Julene said...

Stories of the "olden days" are my favorite. I wish my grandma was still alive to ask her questions. Thanks for sharing her memories.

Linda said...

Grandmas are great, aren't they? It is fun to learn about "olden days."