Monday, January 9, 2012

Building on the Basics

Building on the Basics: Adventures in Beans Edition

4 lbs dry pinto beans = 5 cans pinto beans + 5 cans refried beans
I used the Brown Beans recipe and the Refried Beans in my cookbook. I started by soaking them overnight. They were thirsty little beans and I had to keep adding water to make sure they had enough to keep soaking.

That is a lot of beans!

I put half in a pot on the stove and kept the other half in the crock pot. The crock pot beans were used to cook the pinto beans. The beans in the pot were made to use refried beans.

I really love refried beans, but if I worked at J Crew and had to come up with a color name for them, I would choose Death Gray. It really is a strange and unappetizing color.

So, when I was eating some of my favorite refried beans from a can (yes it still happens occasionally) and wondering why these beans weren't a Death Gray, I discovered that they add Tomato Paste to their beans.

I tried it out, well I actually used Tomato Sauce, and it worked out great. I loved the flavor and color that it added. Following the list of ingredients, I also added a little chili powder and sugar. I used 1 8 oz. can of tomato sauce for all 5 cans of refried beans.

So, those of you with a Seven Years of Plenty Cookbook, pull it out and add a little update...If you would like to add a little color and flavor to your refried beans, in the last couple minutes of cooking, stir in some tomato paste (or tomato sauce), chili powder, and a tiny bit of sugar. I used some of the beans I made that week in my meals and the rest I froze.


Darla said...

" but if I worked at J Crew and had to come up with a color name for them, I would choose Death Gray." Hilarious, Linda! I agree, they're not pretty. I'd LOVE a magnet!!

Linda said...

:), thanks Darla, I will bring you a magnet next week.