Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes

My friend in Colorado gave me this recipe and I adapted it to be a shelf stable recipe. She used this recipe as a diet recipe, with 2 egg whites instead of 2 T. whole egg powder. If you want to try that version, it is delicious too.

There are endless combinations of flavors because you are choosing a soda flavor and a cake mix flavor. I choose blackberry vanilla, but I must warn you it is not super sweet. I like it that way, and my family liked it too.

It is a little healthier because the oil is left out of the regular cake recipe. So, mix away the flavors of soda and cake mixes to find your favorite flavor.

A few suggestions my friend had given was...
angel food cake and orange soda
red velvet and cherry 7-up soda
vanilla and 7-up soda

 Here is my combination:

Blackberry Vanilla Cupcakes 

1 vanilla cake mix                                            
1 blackberry Izze                                           
2 T. powdered eggs                                  

Mix Ingredients together. Pour into muffin cups and
bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes or as the cake mix directs.


Darla said...

This sounds really good. Yum! And so easy!

Linda said...

They are so good, I'm sure you will come up with a cool combination too!