Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Season of Holiday Pies

When I was growing up, my Dad (who grew up on a farm) made sure we had lots of fruits and vegetables growing in our backyard. Some of the plants have come and gone over the years, but there are plenty that still provide a great harvest. These pictures are of my Dad enjoying the apples last year.

My Mom would then take the apples and go to work.
She made applesauce, fruit leather, dried apples,
and apple pie. Apple pie was my favorite. It was
my Grandma's apple pie recipe and I still make this pie today.

In fact, I recently made this pie for a ward Halloween party apple pie contest, and it won! I don't feel like I can take much credit though because it's my Grandmas recipe. I am grateful I had my Mom and Grandma around to teach me how to make these wonderful pies.

There is one secret I have learned since then that I have added to the recipe. It has to do with the apples that you use in the pie.Apples, in all their varieties, each have a unique personality. Golden delicious are considered crisp and sweet. Granny Smith are considered sweet and tart. Macintosh are soft and mushy (the kind of mushy we like in pies),
 and the list goes on. 

Instead of just choosing one kind of apple for your pie,
 choose several different kind. Each apple will bring a different characteristic to the pie. I hope you all have an impressive holiday pie making season!


Mandy1 said...

I wanted to see if you were going to post your pie recipe?

Linda said...

I am not sure if I want to share that with everyone yet, how will I be able to win next year :). JK, maybe I will share it with you:).

Darla said...

I love these pics of your dad! So sweet. Where'd you grow up again?

Linda said...

Darla, I grew up in Utah.