Monday, December 5, 2011

Garden Guide

I still consider myself a beginner gardener. I have been trying to grow things for three years now and have learned sooo much. I still have a long way to go.

I put together this guide recently for a church activity. This is based on my own research and material I thought would be helpful to have on hand as a reference.

I also got some great farmer's advice from my friend who has a Grandpa that farms and is a wealth of information. I avoided putting one piece of advice in the guide
 because I just don't know how to verify that it really works.

But I will share it with you here, maybe you will want to try it out. Maybe you have heard of this technique before. The advice is for your tomato plants. If you see that they are growing up to tall, you can place the tomato plant on it's side and stomp on the stem of it.

This will "stunt" the tomato plant from continuing to grow upward and start using its nutrition resources to go to the tomatoes themselves. What do you think?

Have you collected any of your own farmer's wisdom from a great uncle or grandpa?

I think it is wonderful to preserve these gems of advice that have only been learned by years of experience.

We put the printable garden guides together as
shown above in the picture.

I hope you find this guide helpful too!


Granny Jacque said...

Are you offering a copy of your garden guide? I am often asked to do a presentation and would like to see what you have. Thank you for sharing your learning experiences on your blog!
email @ glenn287j at aol dot com

Linda said...

Yes, the post right before this, "printable garden guide" is all the information that is on there. How wonderful that you do presentations on the subject.