Saturday, November 12, 2011

Land of Rice and Beans

I have been trying to make flour tortillas for about a year now. My family eats my tortillas, with only one complaint...they are not as thin as the store bought kind. After trying a variety of ways to make them thinner, I bought a tortilla press.

I did not go to a specialty cooking store to buy it. Whenever I go to these stores, I always find myself passing them longingly on the shelf and then decide not to buy it because it costs to much.

I went to the market where the isles are paved with rice and the shelf lined with beans.
I got the tortilla press for 19.99! This could be triple the cost at some other stores. It really is worth the investment if you are a dedicated tortilla maker. My family said these were the best tortillas I have made. The tortilla press really did get them thinner than I could, even with all of the techniques I have learned.

Hint: Make sure that you get a HEAVY tortilla press. This machine is doing some serious flattening and if it is made of light materials, it will break easily. Cast Iron is a prefect material for these presses.

 I have learned some fabulous things from these international stores!

Just one more thing, when I say international stores, I do not mean World Market. As much as I love World Market you are not going to find the great deals at great prices there. You know when you have found an international store when you find a sign like this....

You also know when you have found an international store when most of the people who work there don't speak English. I really appreciate international cooking, which Seven Years of Plenty {the cookbook} is based on. These wonderful people cook simple, amazing, satisfying food every day. I am so happy with what I have found in these markets.

Coming Soon:
More amazing secrets from the international markets.

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