Friday, November 18, 2011

International Markets Top 10

My top 10 other reasons I love international markets:

1. The prominent displays celebrate the basics of cooking. You have to hunt for them at our grocery stores. The rice and beans are not on the end caps. At these stores that is what is all about.   

2. Ramen Noodle takes on a whole new dimension when you buy India's version with curry and other exciting spices!

3. Coconut Powdered Milk is available, there are so many possibilities with this.

4. The smell in the stores are amazing. Endless variety of spices. Yum.

5. Rice Flour is packaged in large bags for about the same price you buy a small bag at our stores.

6. Kitchen tools, such as grinders, tortilla press, and pressure cookers are much less than at the usual stores.

7. Many blends of flour are available there such as chapatti flour. This flour is a blend of wheat, soybean, millet, flax seed, millet, maize, oats, chickpeas, and psyllium husk.

8. I always come away with new inspiration at what I want to try next.

9. Delicious and unusual fresh produce!

10. International candy bars (like Bounty, Cadbury) that are $3.50 at our stores are less than have that at these stores.

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