Friday, October 28, 2011

Visit to 1860 Farm

Recently I visited a farm with my second graders class. It was a preserved farm from the 1860's. There were some amazing history and cultural lessons.

I learned that if you had a mirror it showed you were wealthy, because you actually had money to spare from buying the necessities of life.

The hearth on the fireplace was to put tools used for daily use, not for decorations like we do today.

Families were a good size of around 7 children. It was a busy time when it was time to brush your teeth because there was only one toothbrush the whole family used! (The idea of germs and how they were spread was still a mystery).

Most people still lived on farms and were completely self sustaining because they grew (and raised) their own food.

I love learning about history and how they were so creative without all the conveniences we have in today's world. Luckily, we have the blessing of knowing how germs work, AND we can learn from the culture of these great people of how to live simply.


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting!Where is it? I would be interested in going to it. Thanks, Lorie

Linda said...

It is in Virginia, north of Richmond. If you are in the east, I could email you the address.