Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Aid Giveaway

 Our family is no stranger to ER visits. In one year, we had 4 visits to the ER. Three of those involved gushing blood. Since then, we have been back once with a broken bone.

The last visit was a result of going sledding on a hill in back of the elementary school. We only been sledding for about 10 minutes and my son was crying out in pain.

We knew something was wrong because he couldn't lift his arm. Sadly, all our visits to the ER have always been the same child.

He cried as we went to the hospital, "Why is it always me?"  We told him maybe it is teaching him something about making safe choices.  (Let us hope it is teaching him that.)

With these experiences, we have learned how important it is to be prepared. More than once we have asked the ER when they are going to start selling that "glue" they use instead of stitches. Well, in this giveaway there are some pretty cool stuff.

This Giveaway includes the latest in First Aid technology. It includes:

WoundSeal with Applicator- an alternative to stitches to stop bleeding.
Wrap-It-Cool- for sprains, bumps, and bruises
QuikClot 2"x2"- for arterial or fatal bleeding wounds
Burn-Out Gel 4 oz.- for smaller burns and sunburns
Burn-Out Dressing 4"x4"- for larger burns if all types

Reflect on the advice that Bishop Keith McMullin gave a few years ago as a way to prepare. He gave three suggestions,

"Be faithful."
"Unencumber your life."
"Lay up in store."
 Keith B. McMullin, “Lay Up in Store,” Ensign

To Enter:
Leave a comment on your insight into how to "unencumber your life."

One additional entry for each of the following - just leave a separate comment for each entry:

1. Following Seven Years of Plenty blog (or being subscribed to email alerts)

2. Telling friends about the giveaway (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Giveaway ends Friday Oct. 7, 11:59pm (Eastern).


mimi said...

To unincumber one's like is a need that we as humans are hard-pressed to do. We are always faced with temptations that lure us into deepening involvement.(Decrease cell-phone use, we see the announcement for more features on that new IPhone, we just gotta have it!)
I say take a few steps at a time. My biggest one, pay off credit cards monthly or use cash or credit. Also spend less time in fron of the TV and get outside and dig in the yard, produce some veggies or flowers, and enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy your kids/grandkids, play with them, teach them, those memories last a lifwtime. Serve the Lord, by serving your fellowman as King Benjamin said. The peace that follows is priceless!

Greg said...

We are putting any available money to pay off our debts (mostly mortgage) to unencumber our future of debt. When we are out we will be in heaven.

Shani said...

Hi - first off...let me say how much I LOVE your site...it is fabulous! I think the best way to unencumber your life is to place less value on the bells and whistles of life and more on the essentials like the gospel and family. We do not need an iPhone to survive or satellite TV. But I see more than a few people who are struggling to pay bills who surround themselves with "things" they really do not need. When I teach food storage lessons at church, I am always told, "I can't afford it". I then ask if they have cable or a cell phone. 99% of the time, they reply "yes". I could go on forever, but basically, the point is to live within your means and prepare for all adversities that may come your way.

Also, I just followed your blog "officially" today...I have always gone to it on a weekly basis, but now I am legit. So that counts as the #1 requirement...sorry for the long post! :)

Vicki in UT said...

I am in the process of going through the storage area of my basement and sorting out things we no longer need, such as old VHS tapes. This is to un-encumber my life, so I have room to store things for 2 of our kids who had to move to smaller apartments, and re-encumber ourselves. lol. I keep thinking when the project is done, how much easier it will be to find what we need, etc.

Vicki in UT said...

i follow your blog.

Nada said...

Plan your week so you do errands like banking and shopping in one trip when you are out exercising or
dropping off children for their activities.

Have a "me" time and space where you can have a quiet, uninterrupted time to read, pray, meditate, and relax.

Jayne said...

I plan my meals for the week. I try to make one trip to the grocery store for the week as well. So come dinner time, I know I have all the ingredients. I don't have to plan dinner for that night and then head to the store at the last minute. I save time and money.

I also make my children complete homework the first thing when they get home. I love that we have gotten it out of the way and then the rest of the evening and night is ours.

Of course, every day isn't perfect, and sometimes I get sick of cooking, and sometimes, just sometimes :) we are finishing homework in the morning!

Anonymous said...

I have felt a need for getting back to basics for a while. SIMPLIFY wherever possible. TEach my kids the basics, cooking, laundry, sewing, gardening, etc. I have recently felt the urge to increase my spirituality too. Stay focused on simple, gospel principles. Learn to go without so in the long run you will be prepared.

Anonymous said...

found your blog about a month ago and LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

oops! I'm the anonymous that talked about simplifying, forgot to put my name ;}

Megan M said...

We stay out of debt! That helps a whole lot. And try our best to live the gospel. That helps too :)

Megan M said...

I subscribe to your blog. I love it. I went out and bought some chia seeds a couple of months ago...haha

Megan M said...

I shared this on email :)

mimi said...

Linda, I did post this on facebook, when I wrote my thoughts earlier in the week. I forgot to add that fact. In fact, I was speaking to one my adult children about your site and the importance of not complicating his life, but re-dedicating himself to follow the Lord's teachings first, the rest comes afterwards.

Julene said...

I am not entering the contest...too late, but I just wanted to thank you for the Uencomber quote. I just had to repost that on my blog. It really hits the spot right now. We had a lesson in RS on Sunday about the Second Coming and unencombering your life was part of it, so that preparing would be easier. Love the blog as usual and thanks for the quote!!