Monday, October 31, 2011

Creepy Cuisine

Today is a great day for all things creepy.
 So lets talk about wild food storage.
Food that is creeping around in the shadows as we speak.
Food that could bite you back. Yes, there are creepy crawlies that are edible.

 Disclaimer: Please do your research before eating your own creepy crawlies.
 Some may have been recently poisoned by well intending neighbors,
but that will not turn out well for you. 
All information comes from actual people from their own experience. Names have been withheld to protect the privacy of those willing to share their experiences with us. 

Preparation - skinned, gutted, boiled with bullion cubes.
Creepy Factor - Very High, because it still looked like a snake as you ate it!
Taste- Mild, like chicken. No surprise there, but it was like a rubber chicken.

Preparation - skinned, gutted, skewered and roasted over an open fire.
Creepy Factor - Medium, it didn't really look like a squirrel after cooking it.
Taste- A bit gamy, but the texture and taste was more like chicken.

Preparation - Mostly just capturing them, eating only the abdomen.
Creepy Factor - I would say high, just because their ants.
Taste - Some black ants have a lemon flavor. Some red ants have a molasses flavor.

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!
{and I welcome any more creep crawly stories}

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