Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving Irene

I will always remember experiencing my first earthquake and hurricane in the same week! Wow, it has been exciting around here! When you live in a place with this many trees, winds 50 miles an hour can cause some damage. Irene left our area with more than 1 million people without power.
There is debris all over the ground. 
 Our neighbors had several trees come down.
Our friends had several trees come down.
Two landed on deck and house.
There was a lot of cleaning up going on today.
My boys were determined to use a saw.
A chainsaw wasn't going to happen,
so they settled for this....
 The power company says those who do not have power should expect to be without it for the next 10 days.
I know it has happened here before.
I have heard my friends talk about it.
 Coming soon, lessons learned from Hurricane Irene.


Alison said...

Great post Linda! What a day! We ended up being without power for 24 hours but thankfully it's back on now. I know many haven't been so lucky. Did you see the tree down just past the boys school? Huge and it landed right on not only a power line but a car as well. Very scary!

Julene said...

I am so glad you are all ok!! I hope the power comes back quickly! I grew up in Connecticut and went through a hurricane as well, and it is ingrained in my memory forever! I am so grateful it didn't end up as powerful of a storm as predicted!!

Linda said...

Alison, I am so glad your power is back on! I did see the trees down on the road. What a mess!

Linda said...

Julene, It is something we will never forget too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, BTW, for showing us all the things you have been over these past several months and keeping us all in the 'survival thoughts' mode. It sure helped this past week! Glad everyone is ok.

Linda said...

I am so glad it helped!

The MacQueens said...

glad everyone's ok! Wish we could be there to help out.

Linda said...

Thanks! Whew! It was pretty exciting! Hope you are doing well in your new place.