Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Heat

This summer has been sooo hot! According to the  NOAA, about 9,000 daily heat temperature records were broken in July! Triple digits have been common around the country. This is a good time to think about what could be happening to our food storage out in the garage. Just like our cars, a garage can get much hotter than it even feels outside.

When food is left in the garage, it significantly shortens the shelf life. When food is heated above 115 degrees many of the essential nutrients & enzymes are destroyed. Shelves in the garage are good for storing items like paper products, plastic wrap, foil, soap, and detergent.

For additional ideas on how to move your food storage out of the garage into other parts of the house, visit "Space, The Final Frontier." The goal is to protect our investment in our food storage so it is there when we really need it!


D. Hodson said...

I agree...we have all of our food in the house. Our summer hasn't been too bad this year in California. Not yet anyway.

Linda said...

I wish we were with you in CA. :)