Monday, August 22, 2011

Released Society

At church I was just released from my calling as the food storage specialist.
I asked my son what he thought it meant to be released from a calling.

His response was,

"It is a way they kick you out really nicely
and then you go to "Released Society."

I am now in the "released society" and will keep doing this blog
just because I love to cook and love learning about food storage.

P.S. My name made it into the

{It is a bit like finding the CTR ring game in "The Friend", but fun anyway.}


Julene said...

I will be so sad the day this happens to me :( I am glad to hear you will continue the blog!! And your son is hilarious, what a great way to look at it!

Linda said...

I know! It's nice when you get a fun calling:)

The MacQueens said...

Love that quote!! One of the hard parts about being released is where they will put you next. Released Society president?? :)

Linda said...

HaHa, sounds like a more relaxed calling than Relief Society President :)