Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lessons Learned

Going through an experience brings out some of the details that may have been lost in preparation. Here are things we heard from others or experienced ourselves:

Bread was one of the first things to be gone at the store. For a picture, click here.
  • There were those who had food for when there was no electricity, but didn't have a good plan for how to warm it.
  • Generators are priceless when electricity is lost for an extended period of time.
  • Some invested in food that didn't require electricity, then only had that food to eat when the electricity came back on.
  • So many people needed help. How many hours of hard labor are you prepared to do? We love neighbors that help each other! We live in a great neighborhood.
  • Trees are huge! They do a lot of damage when they fall. It takes so much manpower to clean up a tree! Chainsaws are a great tool!
  • We found ourselves with several chainsaws to work with, but soon were running out of chain and bar oil. We went to five different stores in the area searching for the oil. It was all sold out. Other people had their own oil, but wanted to save it for their own chainsaws.
  • Even though we weren't in the middle of the storm, it was stressful. Going through the storm and the clean up. How well are you prepared to deal with large amounts of stress. It was definitely more stressful for people with more disruption to their lives. Fortunately, we were just helping the people with disruptions, but we were so tired after the long weekend! I hope everyone is safe!
As far as managing stress, we have found oreos can be very entertianing. Our friend recently taught us a game where you put the oreo on your forehead and {without using your hands} try to get the oreo to your mouth. Hint: the first time we tried this, we pulled apart the oreo and stuck the creme on our forehead. This is impossible...:) just in cause you didn't figure that out:) You can even make it a face race...our boys loved this. It was sooo much fun!


Mandy1 said...

I am so glad that you loved the game. We just played the balloon stomping game the other day with my kids. They had the hardest time keeping the balloon on the ground when someone got close. Afterwards, we went outside and played again with the neighborhood. Next week end will be the Peck Family Olympics.

Linda said...

That sounds so fun! We would love a list of events so e can try them out!

Alison said...

Great list Linda. I noticed that it would be wise to have fuel on hand for those extra things like chainsaws and generators. With the gas stations out of power you might not be able to use those wonderful resources you have if you haven't properly prepared. Thankfully we have a grill and so that was our main source of cooking without power. Thankfully we were only out for 24 hours. I feel so bad for those that were out/and are still out for days and days.

Linda said...

I think some people are still without power!