Saturday, July 16, 2011

Storable Organics

Staying healthy can take some extra effort for those with specific food requirements. These foods may not have a 30 year shelf life, but stick them in a #10 can and they will last a lot longer. They are great for building up a three month supply of food that will get rotated through often. Here is just a few examples of what Storable Organics have on stock.

Storable Organics
Whole Wheat Spirali 
Shelf Life: 5+ Years

Whole Wheat Penne
Shelf Life: 5+ Years

5 lb - #10 Can Shelf Life: 5+ Years

Whole Wheat Fettuccine
3.5 lb - #10 Can Shelf Life: 5+

Chlorella Tablets
1250 grams - #10 Can Shelf Life: 8+ Years

Chia Seeds
4.5 lb - #10 Can Shelf Life: 5+ Years

4 lb - #10 Can Shelf Life: 3+ Years


Julene said...

I love the images you use on your blog. They are refreshing and beautiful!

Linda said...

Thank you! That is a question people ask me, where do I get my pictures. I do take some of them and others I purchase. I just don't know, do I give away my source?

Julene said...

I would keep that secret because I associate your blog with the amazing pictures :)

Linda said...

:) Ok, thanks for the great compliment.