Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Add Peaches

The weather has been HOT for most of the Midwest to Eastern states. We are staying cool by making our favorite smoothie. This recipe is our family favorite. We had a favorite place in Colorado to get smoothies. It was so light and refreshing. With the list of peaches, ice, honey, and was easy to recreate.

We also have a peach dessert smoothie which is the same recipe with an addition of 3/4 cup peach sherbet.

The honey really adds to the sweetness and the milk really adds to the smoothness. It is important to reach the right consistency for the smoothie so it can be easily enjoyed. If it is to thick, it can end up coming out of the cup in one clump. This has happened at our house. Add a little more milk, if needed. Stay cool!!

Peach Smoothie

1 large can of peaches
1 large can of Ice
3 T. Honey
3 T. Milk

Place all ingredients in blender. Add ingredient amounts to desired taste. Blend well for several minutes. Serve immediately. Add berries, or other fruit for variations.

For all of you who are to hot to go outside, here is some light reading on how to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. Who might provide us with such valuable information you ask? Our very own Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Read about how to prepare here.

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