Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Aftermath

Our house has been followed by disasters the last few months. Some were intentional, but nevertheless, disastrous. The first disaster is the result of my husband borrowing the neighbor’s chainsaw. This story is not going to take an ugly turn at this point, so don’t hide your small children. I think the chainsaw emphasized his manliness and we couldn’t get him to stop taking trees down and trimming everything in our yard!
Our yard did need a lot of sprucing up. It took us three days to make this pile {there was more we cleaned up before this picture}. This doesn’t seem to capture what it took to do this massive project. He did great at taking the trees down. He learned everything he knows from Tim Ard.
We were exhausted from dragging all of the branches and shrubs around to the driveway. I am sure our neighbors were wondering what was next at our house. Are they taking down all the trees? Are they going to leave that mess on their driveway?

It just got me thinking how much effort it takes to do a clean up. These are important tools in our emergency preparedness efforts. Here are some things we found useful…
Gloves- This would have been a miserable job without gloves!
Rope- This is useful for tying things together.
Shovel – Dig up all the half-dug-up stuff.

Chainsaw- This clean up would not have been possible without this.

Tarp – Help contains the mess or drag stuff around.

Truck- Something to haul the mess away!

We made the mess, but I have to admit we had someone come clean it up for us. We really were exhausted and it wasn’t a lot to have someone come throw it in their truck to take it away for us. Now here is the mess that we didn't make. A microburst came through our yard and we heard a huge crash. This is what we found.
This wasn't our tree, so we did have some help cleaning it up. Our shed is a total loss and our insurance paid themselves for all their hard work {called a deductable}. We are still working on cleaning up the shed. We have had some great clean up training going on at our house. We are just grateful this tree didn't fall on our house! 


Alison said...

Wow! When did that happen Linda? I'm so glad it didn't hit your house too! During that big thunderstorm that rolled through yesterday we had lightning strike a tree in our backyard...thankfully not the house. It was scary to have it hit so close. The tree still stands though...just really charred and missing quite a bit of bark. ;)

Linda said...

That's exciting! The tree fell last week when one of the storms came through.

Anonymous said...

I know chainsaws are a lot of fun, but they cut in a way that's hard for the trees you keep to repair. Next time you're trimming branches you might want to rent a tree saw that has tiny teeth that leave better wounds. That said, they're awesome for dropping trees.

Linda said...

That is good to know! We have a lot of trees in our yard.