Sunday, May 22, 2011

Water Week

This is the reservoir by our house where our drinking
water comes from. I don't often stop to think about how
this water gets from the lake with my little boys playing in
it to our house, as clean water, everyday.

I recently read the book "The Blue Death" by Dr. Robert D. Morris. He tells the story of how water was discovered to be a carrier of disease and what the future of our water is. It raised my attention to the fact that even though we have clean water everyday, this is a system that is vulnerable and we should remember our water in our food storage efforts. Dr. Morris said,

"With pipes that are often more than one hundred years old, the drinking water distribution system is the dark secret, the hidden weakness of almost every urban water supply. "
What we consider "clean" water has changed over time. 25 years ago E. Coli would not have been on the list of pathogens to fight. In 2005 "clean" water was once again redefined when the government made rules on microbial risk and disinfection by-products which helped some big "leaks" in the water system. Dr. Morris said,
"The risk we must fear most is the one we have never seen. In the uncertain future, emerging diseases, changing climate, poorly understood pollutants, decaying infrastructure, and the dark hand of terror all threatens us through drinking water"
{check back for more about water week}

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