Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Quest for Food Storage

Building a food supply for our family can take time and focus to accomplish. Counsel has been given for many years. Fifteen years ago, Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said:

"...Acquire and store a reserve of food and supplies that will sustain life...As long as I can remember, we have been taught to prepare for the future and to obtain a year’s supply of necessities. I would guess that the years of plenty have almost universally caused us to set aside this counsel. I believe the time to disregard this counsel is over. With events in the world today, it must be considered with all seriousness." Nov 1995 Ensign

These "years of plenty" are a time to prepare. It is much harder to learn how to make a loaf of bread in the midst of an emergency than it is in tranquil times. This is why I named the blog "Seven Years of Plenty." Joseph was called to prepare his land during the Seven Years of Plenty. This would carry them through the seven years of drought and famine.

My quest to follow the counsel to build up a supply of food has lead me to several realizations. Our family cannot afford to spend the money it would cost for three months, or up to a year, of prepackaged, pre-made foods. I began searching for recipes that used the basic foods that we store, such as wheat, beans, and rice.

I also realized that we are a society that relies on convenience. It was hard to find recipes that are both basic and satisfying. I expanded my search for recipes to include those from all around the world. Many countries still rely on basic foods every day. They are the masters of using wheat, beans, rice and other staples.

I began recording these recipes and, over time, the collection developed into a book. I have been selling "Seven Years of Plenty" for five months now and have sold books in 22 States! Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about my book! Know anyone in Alaska?


kim said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I look forward to reading it! Thank you for sharing your recipes..... we were out of work for over 1 year. Our food storage helped so much. We had saved money and food for many years and used it when times were very hard. We were, with God's help, able to save our home and are now trying to catch up and restock. If I ever get caught up I'll order your book ........ I'm sure it is as wonderful as your blog. Anyway, I just felt that you needed to know how much I appreciate what you do.

Linda said...

Thank you so much! I love hearing comments like that! I am so glad you were able to save your home. We have had some difficult times too, and it is amazing how perspective changes when it is difficult to feed your family.