Monday, May 9, 2011

Lesson from the Great Depression

Children gathering potatoes on a large farm in Maine, October 1940. Photo by Jack Delano.
 Photographs Division, Library of Congress

My Dad, as a professor at BYU, had his students interview people who had lived through the Great Depression. This insightful perspective shows a time of struggle and survival. These rare colored pictures from the Library of Congress make me feel like this was not so long ago. Sometimes to know how to prepare for difficult times, we must live through them to understand how to prepare.
{All quotes copyrighted and used with permission by David Squires in Seven Years of Plenty Cookbook}
{Photos from Library of Congress}
"Everything was homemade. There was always a loaf of bread and potatoes on the table. We made our own sausages, bread, and everything. We had cows from milk and pigs for meat. It was plain food, no sugar at all.”
“I bucked hay at ½ cent per bale. The days were long and very often we would work all day in trade for meals or wheat instead of money.”

“We got food during the depression by hunting, raising vegetables, meat, milking cows, and churning butter.”

“My mother saved and dried her seeds for the garden from year to year. She canned all our vegetables and fruits.”
What advice would you give today so that if it happened again you would be prepared? “I would say definitely keep a food and water storage. And also make sure you are not dependent on money to make you happy. A garden would also help you through a time like this.”
“We ate potatoes, potato pudding, mashed potatoes, potato salad, bread, and water. Sugar was a rare treat.”


Kandy said...

These pictures really do make you feel like this was not so long ago! This was 80+ years ago, about the time when my dad was born. Amazing! Thanks for sharing Linda!

marci357 said...

The more you can do for yourself, the less you need money. Very freeing.

marci357 said...

PS - your cookbook arrived! Thanks so much! Really enjoying it!

Linda said...

These are amazing pictures!

I am so glad you are enjoying the cookbook!