Monday, May 23, 2011

Dirty Water

Dr. Robert D Morris in his book "The Blue Death" reports
water disease is common where people struggle with clean water.

By lunch time each day,
diarrheal disease kills more people than Hurricane Katrina.

In 10 days,
it kills more people than a yearly death toll of auto accidents in the United States.

In 2 months,
the death toll will exceed that of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

In one year,
1.8 million people die world wide from diarrheal disease. WHO reports that 88% of these deaths were from unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene.

In the United States,
200 years ago water had no effective water treatment.
100 years ago New Orleans did not treat its water or sewage.
The installation of lead pipes was banned in the U.S. in 1986. But the removal of these pipes was not required. The older the city, the more lead pipes it will have. In Washington D.C. there was even some wood pipe found that was still in use.

There are other vulnerabilities that threaten our pipes. In New Orleans, even before Katrina, the pipes were weak and had leaks. Many tree roots had wrapped around the pipes and when Katrina came through it resulted in torn up pipes. It allowed the water to become contaminated. Even if it was still coming out of your tap, it was not safe. In a world surrounded by water, there was nothing to drink.

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