Friday, April 22, 2011

Space: The Final Frontier

As we continue our adventure to gather our food storage together, where to store it is a huge issue. That was the #1 concern on my unofficial survey last week. This picture represents my favorite solution, a huge room with a massive storage unit to organize. Well, maybe that is not realistic. So, here are my top ten other ideas. Some are more serious than others. This is more of an exercise in thinking outside the box for creative ways to find food storage space.

1. Evaluate what occupies your available space: If you haven't seen that space in a few months, you could probably put some food storage there, right?
2. Reconsider your use of space: Dejunking and thinning our storage spaces can be a good start. Should Halloween decorations or obsolete paper files win the competition for space over food storage?
3. Food Sculpture
4. Bury it in the backyard! (Do HOA's allow root cellars? (click to how root cellars are making a comeback) 
5. Insulated, temperature controlled sheds (a family sized version of East Coast Food Storage).
6. Ask Shelf Reliance to expand from their shelves to furniture that is capable of storing food. (This is no laughing matter to the company that makes these desks!)
7. The usual places (probably already full of food storage), like under beds, in closets, etc. Don't forget, even small overhead closet shelves often have several cubic feet of unused space.
8. Remember, the garage is not an option! It will shorten your food's shelf life considerably.
9. If you live near me, I will come and do a space evaluation for you.  I've had a lot of experience squeezing things into tight spaces over the years.
10. Play three degrees of food storage (remember the Kevin Bacon game?). You know, don't just think, "What empty space do I have that I can fill with food storage?" Think, "I'd like to put my food storage here, so where am I going to put the stuff that's here now?" and so on.

We have room for couches, T.V.'s, entertainment, crafts (please forgive me, craft friends, I understand how important your craft rooms are), but really, what kind of space does our food storage deserve? What have you done (or seen done)?


Anonymous said...

You can use the garage for storing water and nonfood items like soap, detergent, paper products, and probably some of the items that are filling the closets like sports equipment etc. Attics work well for the nonperishable items as well. In fact, some of the things we have in closets like extra bedding go go to the attic.

The crawl space under the house can be used for water, coal, and not perishables, especially if you have heavy plastic on the ground to keep moisture controlled.


Linda said...

Thanks Nada! Those are great ideas for managing space.