Monday, April 11, 2011

Food Storage Forecast

The forecast for food storage is stormy! It has been an interesting year. I wonder if other people are having similar experiences. This has been our experience.

January - We visit East Coast Food Storage. Our friend, Bob Snow, said he is taking all of his Mountain House products down and putting it in his own food storage. Mountian House is not taking any new orders because of the massive back order they are trying to fill. We left thinking, "Was he trying to sell us huge amounts of food storage?"
February - We visited our local Home Storage Center to can some food (find one near you). The missionary said they are swamped! More people show up than had signed up to come, and many non-members are using the cannery also. The Saturdays are booked way into the summer. The missionary there is begging for more help to be sent to the cannery.
March - I went to my first Thrive party (Shelf Reliance food storage product line) that my friend was doing. She said that, since the earthquake in Japan, Shelf Reliance has doubled the amount of orders they are getting. Many items are on back order, including some of the things I ordered (powdered eggs, yogurt).
April - I received my Emergency Essentials catalog in the mail, which included a letter from Mountain House. The letter said that it is true they are so back ordered that they are not taking any new orders (rumor has it they are now contracted vendors for the federal government and can hardly keep up with that). So, our friends were not trying to pull a fast sales was true!

I guess there are many things in the world that spell, UNSTABLE right now. Advertising works really well, because it brings things to our attention. The unstable nature of many events in the world right now is bringing attention to the importance of food storage. Even with back orders and busy home storage centers, we can still prepare.

To be prepared is a balance of knowledge, skills, and what we store.
Even things can look bright when the forecast is stormy when we have properly prepared!

Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

How do you get in contact with east coast food storage. We live outside of DC and would love to visit them. Their website is not working. Thanks, Angel

Linda said...

I know many people have been trying to find his website through my blog. I will call him and do a post with contact information.