Wednesday, April 13, 2011

East Coast Food Storage Contact Information

Where in the world is Bob Snow?

That is the question I have been getting a lot since the East Coast Food Storage website has gone offline. So I called him today and found out some great information.

He said he took his website down because he does not want to do online sales. He wants people to come visit his store so he can also educate them about the products he sells. He is great at this, as we discovered during our first visit.

His store is not far from Richmond or Charlottesville, and very well worth the drive. Be ready to not only shop, but learn a lot about emergency preparedness. Here is his contact information:
3802 Snow Hill Lane
Troy, Virginia 22974

BobSnow63 {at} yahoo {dot} com


Anonymous said...

Person to person is great - unless one lives out here in Oregon and wants his product :) lol!


Darla said...

Hey! Next time you go, can I come?! I really want to go and I also want to visit some of these live farms. That would be awesome! Let me know, okay?

Linda said...

That would be a little tricky:). If you need anything I will get it and mail it for you.

Linda said...

Darla, That would be fun to go together. Amanda wanted to go too.

Amanda said...

YES! Lets go some time!!! :)

Linda said...

Ok, I will be in touch and we can see what time would work for everyone.