Saturday, April 30, 2011

1950-2011 Tornado Statistics

The past couple weeks we have seen storms coming our direction and then pass to the north and south of us. The destruction of these storms paths have been devastating. We are so sad for the people that are suffering around us. According to the National Weather Service Statistics, this last storm was the, "deadliest single day from tornadoes was in 1925 when 747 people died."
The power of these storms were also record breaking. The National Weather Service rated the Smithville, Miss., tornado as an EF5 damage. They said, "This is the highest rating for tornado damage and the first EF5 tornado in Mississippi since the Candlestick Park tornado near Jackson on March 3, 1966. It is also only the third tornado to receive a rare EF5 rating since NWS implemented the Enhanced Fujita Scale on February 1, 2007."
It was also very interesting to read the statistics of the number of tornadoes each year dating back to the 1950's. These numbers I wrote down are not specific to the whole year, just what happened around the months of April and May of each year. The numbers have been  rounded, but it shows an interesting trend of a drastic increase of tornadoes. 
National Weather Service Statistics -
Tornadoes in April/May each year:
1950 – 50
1951 – 75
1953 – 110
1957 – 220
1965 – 275
1982 – 320
1992 – 425
2003 – 550
2011 - 650

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