Monday, March 21, 2011

"Never Say Never" - Food Edition

My boys were not pleased with me when I told them we were going to the J.B. movie "Never Say Never." It is not because I am a big Justin Beiber fan. I only know one of his songs (the baby baby one). I wanted to go because I was inspired by how hard he worked to get from his "undiscovered" status to being "discovered."

I too have been told "no" by bookstores and distributers, because I am still in the undiscovered status and no one wants to take a risk with my book. I am not a money maker. I made this cookbook for me. I made something for myself that I wished I could go to the store and buy. That was my initial motivation.

After offering my book to several publishers, I discovered the best way to share it was by publishing the book myself. Three months ago, a couple of big boxes arrived at my door filled with my books. It has been a great experience sharing this book with others. I am happy to say I only have a handful of books left from that first order. It has been fun to see the excitement other people have had about it.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and spread the word about my book!


Darla said...

I love your book!! How was the movie, btw?

Linda said...

I liked the movie, it was cute. Thanks Darla, I am so glad you like my book!

Cory and Becca said...

Yay! I just got on and ordered my buy one get one free book! I think I will use the other one for a Christmas gift. Have you thought of marketing on LDS blogs? You could do free shipping for the Conference weekend or something? I am glad you published anyways! Pretty soon you will be a marketing guru :)

Linda said...

Thanks Becca! I do have some food storage blobs that are going to review my book soon. I am slowly getting the word out about the book:)