Thursday, March 10, 2011

History of Mixes

I called my Mom to ask her about what she remembers about mixes when they first came out. Well, she insists she was too little to remember. So, maybe no one remembers what the experts in the kitchen felt about the arrival of the mixes.

The chapter in the book that explains how to save time in the kitchen by using mixes and other premade food is called "Minutes Saved are Hours Gained." Maybe they should have called it, "Give ME more of YOUR money and I will give you more convenience."

Of course we all love convenience, but should it really come at the expense of losing self-reliance and cooking skills?

Here is some funny 1950's advice on "shortcut" products (read with a bright, sunny voice):

"Minutes saved can easily grow into that extra hour or two a day so many busy women
want and need...just as saving a penny here and there in a little savings bank grows into dollars."

The irony in this statement makes me laugh. It's funny they would compare saving time to saving money, since what they are suggesting is trading one for the other. Do you want to spend more money to save time, or spend more time to save money?

Through the years, it seems that recipes for cakes start to disappear from basic recipe books. So, now it feels like the only choice for simple, every day cooking is to go buy a box. Well, in my adventures to become more self-reliant, I want to know how to do these things myself. Not only to save money, but not having a box be my only option when I cook great food.

Coming Soon : Recipes for the mixes....


Anonymous said...

I do remember the first pizza mixes in a box. They were terrible. The crust tasted like card board.


Linda said...

Funny! I guess things do improve over time!