Friday, March 4, 2011

Just for Fun Friday

I am not the only one who has been working on a book around our house. My eight year old has been working on a book too. His book is "A Guide of Boys for Girls." It is his advise to girls on how to handle boys. Here is a sample of his book. I hope you enjoy his eight year old wisdom.

Chapter 1 "Weird Boys"
I would just get away from them and DO NOT play with them or you will get weird. And if you get weird, you will have to find smart boys for the cure. Well this is chapter one.

Chapter 3 "Dare Devils"
Dare devils are smart and like adventure. So if you want one you will have to be smart and like adventure, like the dare devil.

Chapter 4 "Handsome Boys"
If you want one call them handsome, not pretty. Also double check the boy you want cause some are good and some are bad.

Chapter 5 "Bad Boys"
You girls that read this, you can change bad boys to good. Just approach softly, like them, and teach them how to make friends. That's it!

Chapter 6 "Sick Boys"
Have sympathy for them and they will like you and when you get sick they will do the same thing. So do this please.

Chapter 8 "Skinny Boys"
Be nice to skinny boys. Not many girls like them. So be nice to them and they will be nice to you. Good luck!

Chapter 10 "Grumpy Boys"
My advice is just leave them...alone. That's because I don't want people to get hurt.

Chapter 13 "Strong Boys"
These will protect you and let you pick what to do. So take this advice and get one.

Chapter 18 "Bully Boys"
Tell a teacher. If they have perfect hiding skills, you will need more help. Good Luck!

Chapter 19 "Boy Work"
Sometimes it's perfect, sometimes it's bad. Choose the boy at how good his work is. Take the advice.

 About the Author, I know I'm a boy, but I want to help girls.

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Kandy said...

That is great! I especially like chapter 18! : )

Linda said...

Thanks Kandy! We always laugh when we read this.

Amanda said...

This is great! Gotta love the wisdom of the youngsters. :) I found your blog through Craftaholics Anonymous. I actually won the book! Yay! I am so glad I got connected with your blog, and you can be sure I will tell others about it!

Linda said...

Thanks Amanda! I am so glad you won!