Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camping vs. Evacuation

“Camping has been reported to be the most common recreation of healthy, happy families…the fact that experts have reported (this) will never cease to amaze you. Why? After two days in the hills with your children, you realize home never looked so good.”  Janene W. Baadsgaard “The LDS Mother’s Almanac”

Janene continues to explain all the wonderful experiences you will have while you are camping… “While you’re camping, you’ll likely have one child come down with a fever and another have an accident in his sleeping bag…getting the kids to go to sleep will be your favorite part of your little family outing. This may sound easy, but let me tell you, pushing several smelly, black, soot-covered, sunburned, insect-bitten children into a tiny enclosed area is like lighting a shore fuse.”

These experiences are at the best of times when we actually WANTED to leave home for a few days. Do we realize the magnitude of an event that we would have to use our 72 hour kits?

This would be a very difficult and disruptive experience. 72 Hour Kits are like packing for a trip, but with packing more things and with many unanswered questions.

Are we driving? Are we walking? How much time will we have to evacuate? Will we all be together? Will we have to meet somewhere? Are we coming back?

It is no wonder we throw a few granola bars in a bag and say we are ready to go! 72 hour kits are basically having everything you need to evacuate; every convenience of home ready to go, at a moments notice.

The closest thing I can relate to evacuating to go somewhere   and trying to take all the convinces of home is camping.

So, our new 72 hour kit plan, gather all our camping things together. Tent, sleeping bags, first aid kit, food, light, etc. Then once a year, when we go camping, we will have already prepared to go and can use our efforts to go camping and have it be a test run of what an evacuation may be like. We can see how effective our meals are and what we need to change.

There is no greater way to gain experience then to live through what you are planning for.


kimmers said...

thank you so much for this comment. Our power went out for a few hours a couple weeks ago. Our youngest son was very upset....... we love to camp and I think I need to pack my 72 hr kit more like camping!!! I have been trying to think of fun ways to brighten up the 72 hr kit ...... I want to add some fun foods as well as crayons, small toys and treats!

Linda said...

Those are some great ideas. We would certianly need some distractions and some comforts.

Alison said...

Great idea to go camping and check out your supplies. We're not a family that goes camping so we don't have any of those supplies. Ah oh.

Linda said...

Alison, we haven't been camping since we have moved to Virginia (besides fathers and sons), maybe our families can go camping together sometime!