Saturday, February 12, 2011

Same Variety

It has now been over a month since making our cereal cutback goals for 2011. We had really relied on cereal for breakfast way to much and determined that we could save a lot of money by making breakfast more and buying cereal less. I have been using my food storage recipes to cook breakfast.

We have been sticking with it, although like any change it has had it's difficulties and I find myself wanting to slip back into our same pattern of grabbing the box of cereal and carton of milk. It is quick and easy. Cooking breakfast, for me, takes planning.

So what have we learned this month in our time of change? My boys, all of a sudden, don't like pancakes. I'm trying to figure this one out because it has always been a favorite. They also don't like me telling them what they are having for breakfast in the morning. They are used to choosing from the many boxes of cereal.

I also know that they don't want the same thing for breakfast for to many days in a row. They also don't want to much new variety, of things they never have had before. I think many of us are like this in our eating habits. We don't want to much of the same food, but we don't want to much of different, unfamiliar food. We want the same variety.

We are adjusting to the changes now and my boys are happy once again to pop their pancakes into the toaster. I think in our food planning and food storage planning, we must keep in mind the psychological impact of change that occurs when there is a drastic change. This change was not even an unpleasant one, but at first my boys treated as if it was.

Part of the food storage plan should be getting used to what we would eat. We cannot expect that our families will be OK with a drastic sudden change to our diets. It would be very upsetting to everyone if that did happen.

Regardless of the ups and downs of change that we have had, my grand total for the month of January for spending on cold cereal was $15.00! I am really happy about that and regardless of what my children think of our new patterns at the breakfast table, I am continuing in our money saving ways. Stay tune for an update next month.


Alison said...

Good for you Linda!!

Linda said...

Thanks Alison!

Mandy1 said...

I love this idea. It is so hard to find cereal that is decent for you anyway.

Linda said...

Thanks Mandy! That is so true.

Angela said...

Good for you! We cut cereal out of the budget a while ago and now only buy it on sale or with coupons which doesn't happen very often. Of course when we do get it, the kids want it for every meal plus after school snack time so we either eat it up really fast or I have to hide it! But they've gotten used to the new usual toast, oatmeal, or eggs choices for breakfast. Sometimes I get crafty and they get pancakes or french toast, but like you said, that takes planning! I'm sure they get more full at breakfast now and we're saving a small fortune on cereal and milk! :)

Linda said...

It does save a lot of money! My boys are the same way about cereal too!