Saturday, February 5, 2011

East Coast Food Storage

We visited East Coast Food Storage this week. Snow Farms is an amazing place! My boys keep asking when we can go back. The star of the show, Bob Snow, is wonderful and helpful. He will give you a full tour of the store and is very knowledgeable about his products. This is a wonderful resource for things that would be useful to enhance our food storage supplies. Some of my favorite supplies are:

There is also a amazing selection of freeze dried foods, dehydrated foods, seeds, honey, and emergency supplies.

These amazing containers, when used with oxygen absorbers, will act as if you resealed your #10 can closed! Amazing!
These Gamma Seal lids make getting into the large buckets easy. We don't have to try to pry off those lids that are really not meant to be opened on a daily basis.
Anyone who has tried, knows what I am talking about. It is a battle between you and the lid and you never know who is going to win! By the way, this is Bob Snow, the star of the show!

Other Great Products:
Cornstarch #10 can -$9.00
Popcorn #10 can - $8.00
Vanilla, powdered - $8.00
Raisins #10 can - $16.00
Olive Oil, 1 gallon - $33.00

Bob is also an expert to clean water. As he says, "It is the key to survival!" He has a variety of water purifiers. This really only is a small sampling of what he has at his store. You can see his selection at East Coast Food Storage. This is really an amazing resource for those of us on the East Coast. It is a great way to enhance our food storage. Thank you, Bob Snow, for such a wonderful resource!


Anonymous said...

We have toured it, too and it is fantastic! They are just the nicest people and there is no question you will leave there with every question answered. One of my favorites is the freeze dried fruit! (Great lunch snack for the kids). Michelle Lloyd

Linda said...

I love the freeze dried fruit too! We eat right through that freezed dried food at our house! It never gets to the food storage shelves:).

Wendi Bergin said...

Thanks for the great review. I like ECFS as well. But, I'm a little biased as Bob is my dad. :) He showed me your book and I told him it was wonderful. I liked that it had recipes from around the world.

Thanks for the nice words and great pictures.