Thursday, February 24, 2011

Craftaholics Anonymous Giveaway

My talented friend, Linda was kind enough to wake up early on a Saturday morning and take our family pictures last spring.

This is a challenge simply because it is virtually impossible to catch our boys standing still. She did a great job!

She also has a super cute craft blog called Craftaholics Anonymous. She has endless ideas of how to make something out of nothing. She just did a hilarious "You know when you are a craftaholic when" contest. This is so funny. So if you need a good laugh, click on the link and read the fate of a craftaholic such as, "you can no longer be identified by fingerprints because you have burned them off using the glue gun." -Lauren T. 

Coming soon from Craftaholics Anonymous is a Giveaway for Seven Years of Plenty Cookbook!!!!!

 As an added benefit to this giveaway there will be FREE SHIPPING through March 3! Just select free shipping at check out.


Amanda said...

She sounds like my kinda of lady! I'll check it out! I love the pics of your family, your Christmas card is on our bulletin board! :)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Linda! I'm excited about your giveaway tomorrow! :)

And I had so much fun taking your family portraits last summer! Your boys rock!

Linda said...

Amanda, we have your picture up too! I am looking forward to seeing you sing Saturday!

Linda said...

Linda, I am excited too! Thanks again for taking our pictures. I love our family pictures!

sweetjeanette said...

What a great giveaway! I didn't want to take the chance I wouldn't win, so I've just ordered my copy! Thanks for the FREE SHIPPING!!! that helps.

Linda said...

That is great! I hope you enjoy it!