Monday, February 21, 2011

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

I had no idea when I crossed the pond to England what adventure I had waiting for me. This picture was taken in my first mission area, Torquay. It was the bottom of our stairs leading up to our "flat." A very ominous sight after a long day of riding bikes on the hills of Torquay.

I think if you are a parent or ever endeavored on a really difficult task, you would know what it feels like to be a missionary. Everyday working as hard as you possibly can to achieve something and then at night falling into bed exhausted. Somehow day after day you find a way to achieve your goals and make things happen.

I enjoyed spreading the gospel message that Jesus Christ has a plan for us and His Atonement is real. I enjoyed telling people that they would see their loved ones again after they had died.

I enjoyed learning "English" all over again. I enjoyed trying to break my way into those understating, reserved little English hearts.

This was one of my first views as I arrived at my first area and my first flat. This is where I learned a "torch" was going to light our way and not burn down our door. I learned saying, "I like your pants" is not very polite. I learned you have to make yourself vulnerable to share something that is personal to you and be rejected over and over again. I am glad I was called to serve. It is an experience I reflect on almost every day of my life.

This experience may very well have been where my love of hot chocolate began. Of course we are not going to drink tea with our English friends. Hot chocolate was a good option on those long, cold winter nights. Years later I now have my own recipe for hot chocolate mix. This is a huge amount. It will fill a 72 serving container of nesquik. It almost fills up a #10 can, if you want to can it. I hope you enjoy my hot chocolate recipe!

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
5 cups powdered milk
½ cup cocoa powder
3¾ cups sugar
1 cup non-dairy creamer
1 T. cinnamon
1 tsp. salt

Combine ingredients and mix well. Store for later use. For use, mix 2-4 T. of mixture per 1 cup of milk or water.


Alison said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe Linda. Sounds yummy. I never knew you served a mission. That's awesome! One of my brothers served in England too. I hope to visit some day.

Linda said...

I hope to go back sometime also! It is such a great place.

Darla said...

Yummy! Linda, I've never heard you mention your mission. Wow, you're so sweet and humble. I looked up Torquay on googlemaps. How cool is that place?? We need to talk. Oh, I love travel. (: Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

It is a great place! Let's get together soon.