Saturday, January 1, 2011


On my quest to save money at the breakfast table, I cooked pancakes this week. It took me about 30 minutes to make 60 pancakes. My family of five eats 10 pancakes per breakfast. That will be six breakfasts in the freezer, ready to eat.
I averaged the cost to about 50 cents per breakfast (cost includes syrup).
If we ate pancakes everyday for a whole year (which we won't, but just as an example), the cost would be $168.00.
I also made Wheat Berry Pudding for breakfast. That costs 25 cents per breakfast. If we ate that everyday for a year, the cost would be $74.00.
Lets compare this to cold cereal. Let's just assume we got the cereal on sale, $2.25, including tax. My family will eat the whole box of cereal at one sitting (like Trail Mix, which they love). That would make breakfast be $2.25 per breakfast. If we ate cereal every morning for a year, the cost would be $756.00. So eating pancakes would save $588.00 a year and eating wheat berry pudding would save $682.00 a year. Now this is only part of my breakfast plan, but to stretch it out to a year really shows the principle that "by small and simple means are great things brought to pass." It is true for our budgets too! I am going to add to this list of breakfast foods and I will post recipes soon too. Here are two resources to help save money this year... 20 ways to save at the grocery store Virginia Cooperative Extension, one suggestion is, Eat hot cereals instead of ready-to-eat cereals. Hot cereals cost less per serving than ready-to-eat cold cereals. Also, buy your cereal in a large container or box to save money instead of buying individual-serving-size boxes of cereal. There is also the Sense to Save recipe cost calculator.

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