Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breakfast Meal Plan

I have made a breakfast plan. It may vary from this occassionallly, but the basic plan is to choose from this menu each week. I have baked oatmeal, wheat berry pudding, smooth rice pudding, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and yes, we will probably have cereal once a week. I am going to hold myself accountable this year, though, to how much I spend on cold cereal. So far my running total is $6.00.

The great thing about cooking with basic ingredients (our "food storage") is that it is economical, it is healthy, and our families will enjoy what we make for them now and when there may be limited ingredients available. With our savings, we can buy more food storage!


mtn_dreamer63 said...

I think your breakfast meal plan is a great idea Linda.
This year I am trying to incorporate more of my food storage into our everyday meals, so I'm very happy to have found your blog site via the other Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous.
Thanks, Michele :)

Linda said...

Thanks Michele! I would love to hear how things are going with using your food storage. I am glad you found my blog too!