Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seven Years of Plenty - The Book

My boys are celebrating that my book is done! Not only are they happy for me, but they are happy their job is done too. They had the job of taste testing.This job did have a lot of benefits, mind.

Most of the time it was fun for them. But they also were pulled into the stark reality that no journey is perfect. They got dragged through my mistakes or recipes that did not make it into this book right along with me.They were good sports about it and got really good at giving culinary feedback.

Kurt was my faithful editor and is wondering what he will do with all his free time. We are all happy and amazed that what began as a simple thought and a handful of recipes has turned into an entire book.

I became interested in basic foods years ago when I realized I would not be able to afford a year supply of freeze dried foods. I wanted to know how to create satisfying meals for my family out of the basic foods we store.

After two years of cooking during the day and writing at night, I have learned so many interesting things. I learned that rice flour actually makes a pudding. I learned that there are more than 50 different versions of rice pudding. I learned that there are endless varieties to bread, rice, beans, that each culture creates. I hope you enjoy this book as much as my family has! 

Pre-order your copy now! Orders will start shipping Jan 2, 2011. 


Amanda said...

AHHHHH! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! You are my hero, really, when i get my book i want you to autograph it for me!! Love ya, Girl!

Linda said...

Amanda - You are so sweet! I will practice my signature :)!

Jayne said...

Congrats Linda!! How exciting to have it done. Everyone will have to get together with you and you'll have to tell us the best/favorite recipes.

Linda said...

Thanks Jayne! Sounds fun! The jar of treats was so good. Thanks for thinking about me on my birthday!