Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays! We have already started talking about New Years resolutions at our house. Maybe because this is day two of being snowed in. We are starting to need a little creativity with our activities. We all got our calenders out for 2011 and started planning our year. We started making our boys had some good goals such as less fighting and paying more attention...the usual suspects.

One of my goals for 2011 is to make breakfast more. I am going to use the recipes in my cookbook. I want to do this to help cut down on our food budget. I have become way too dependant on cold cereal. Not that there is anything wrong with cold cereal, but you can save a lot of money by NOT buying it, that is for sure.
So, cook more breakfast. It will take planning because mornings are not the best time for me to prepare the food.

I am going to cook several batches of waffles and pancakes and freeze them. They will be ready to pop in the toaster any morning. I will also cook breakfast the afternoon of the previous day. Some of the hot cereals and puddings can easily be reheated if prepared beforehand. I am excited to save some money!

For another New Years resolution, I am going to grow more food in our garden and cook food over a fire. We even have a fire pit in our backyard that we haven't used since we moved here. So those are my goals. I hope you are making yours, and maybe a couple are food storage related. As President Kimball said, food storage is a way of life and not a spectacular program. Good luck with your goals. I would love to hear about them.

Have you heard the news about canned pumpkin? Now that we have all used up our canned pumpkin baking our pumpkins pies, we will all be relieved that the canned pumpkin shortage is over! A year long shortage has come to an end. Has anyone else noticed that canned pumpkin has not been on a really good sale for a long time? Well you can read about it here.

This story is just because we are snowed in and need some entertaining. Lets hope it never comes to this, but this guy is arguing that much of the world uses insects as their main source of protein and why shouldn't we! It is much more abundant that other forms of protein. So, watch it if you dare. We will see you all in the new year!!!


Deb said...

I Love the breakfast ideas!! Great goals for the coming year - but I'm not sure about the whole insect thing. We love your Christmas card this year! Your boys are growing up fast. Crazy, isn't it??

Linda said...

It is crazy! Way to go with your schooling! I can't believe you are almost done. Way to go! Great to hear from you! Happy new year!