Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food Storage Conditions

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We are all working toward getting all that food for our food storage. The next question we find ourselves asking is, where do we put it all? That decision will seriously impact the quality of the food. The length of time that the food will last will decrease significantly with every hot summer that passes if we store our food in the garage.

Last year I purchased some wheat from someone that was moving. They had stored their food storage in a room that was similar to a garage with no temperature regulation. The wheat was only about eight years old. When I got home I opened a can to find it had gone rancid. Can after can, I opened to find that it was all bad! How disappointing to think that something is going to last for 20+ years, then to find it lasts only a few.

Protect your investment by storing your food storage in the proper conditions. This can take some creativity! Closets, under beds, behind furniture are good places. The corner of our kitchen even became a place for food storage when I got some great deals when Ukrop's closed. That was a great conversation piece when friends came over!

Also, in choosing #10 cans vs. foil packages, remember that the foil packages can easily be chewed through by pesky rodents. My friend lost a significant amount of food (also kept in her garage) because her foil packs had gotten chewed right through from rodents! Regardless of what creative space you choose to store your food storage, remember it is well worth it to protect your investment and make sure it is the proper conditions! Provident Living suggests the following conditions.

Storage Conditions

Temperature: Store products at a temperature of 75°F/24°C or lower whenever possible. If storage temperatures are higher, rotate products as needed to maintain quality.

Moisture: Keep storage areas dry. It is best to keep containers off of the floor to allow for air circulation.

Light: Protect cooking oil and products stored in PETE bottles from light.

Insects and rodents: Protect products stored in foil pouches and PETE bottles from rodent and insect damage.

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